Being a Strong Mama, Raising a Strong Baby – Podcast Ep 103

Being a Strong Mama, Raising a Strong Baby – Podcast Ep 103

We're chatting with Robin Arzón, Head Peloton Instructor, about her latest book and what it means to be a Strong Mama raising a Strong Baby.

Published February 21, 2023

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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Our babies learn so much from us as their parents, but we can learn a lot from our babies too. They are natural movers—curious about everything and always ready to explore the world. We see that all babies are already little athletes. They run, jump, squat, plank, and learn through movement and play. As we explore the world and play with our babies, we both become stronger and grow stronger together. Robin Arzón saw this in her daughter and her little friends and has now published her latest book, Strong Baby, in honor of them. We are thrilled to have her as our guest today on our show to learn more about it.

Who is Robin Arzón?

Robin Arzón
Photography by James Farrell

Robin Arzón is Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton. She believes that sweat transforms lives, and her story is living proof. Robin is the two-time New York Times bestselling author of Strong Mama and Shut Up and Run and the newly released book Strong Baby, which teaches children the importance of movement and encourages families to move together. She lives in New York City with her husband Drew and their adorable daughter Athena and has another strong baby on the way!

Strong Baby Book Cover

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Today Robin is chatting with us about celebrating strength and inspiring families to be strong together. She believes movement is medicine, and it is so important to model strength for our babies as they grow. Her new book, Strong Baby, shares this message and shows us all that the power is within ourselves. You are strong, and so are our babies. Robin said, “They may be little, but they are mighty. They are strong from the inside out. Let’s listen to the wisdom that lives in our bodies.”

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