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Adorable little baby girl with cute smile sitting unsupported and starting to take first crawling steps on her own, being independent and of mexican heritage.

When Do Babies Sit Up? What You Need To Know

Learn when your baby starts sitting up, signs to watch for when your baby is ready to sit up, and how to help your baby start sitting up.

What to Do if Your Baby is Struggling to Poop: Baby Constipation Remedy

Baby Constipation Remedies: How To Help a Newborn Poop

Do you think your baby may be constipated? Learn the signs, causes, and how to relieve constipation in babies quickly!

Cute baby boy laughing while mother tickling him

5-Month-Old Baby: Feeding, Sleep, and Milestones by Month

Learn what milestones your 5-month-old baby will reach, how much they should eat and sleep, and activities you can do with them.

newborn on his father's arm screams crying with expression of suffering

12 Signs of a High-Needs Baby and What You Can Do

Having a newborn is life-changing. Learn how to care for your high-needs baby and give them the attention and grace they need.

Baby eating yogurt on counter with her mom
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Introducing New Foods to Baby With Yogurt Feeding Hacks

A registered dietitian and mom shares tasty and creative feeding hacks for introducing new foods to babies using yogurt.

Cute newborn baby cross-eyed.

Cross-Eyed Baby: What It Means and What To Do

Discover what to do if you have a cross-eyed baby, what can cause it, and when to seek help.

Sad mother hugging her young daughter on home corridor floor.

How To Create a Secure Attachment With Your Baby

Explore tips and understand the importance of developing a strong, secure attachment with your baby and ensuring they have a great start.

Mid adult mother putting baby girl in car seat

Baby Safety: Best Practices & Tips for Parents – Podcast Ep 128

Sarah Haverstick is talking about all things baby safety every parent needs to know while in the car and at home with their little ones.

4-Month-Old Baby: Feeding, Sleep, and Milestones by Month

Get guidance on your 4-month-old baby’s milestones they will achieve, how much they will eat and sleep, and health concerns to look for.

Is it Colic or Acid Reflux?

Does Your Baby Have Colic or Acid Reflux? Here’s the Difference

How can you tell if your newborn has colic vs. baby reflux? Learn about signs to watch for, common treatments, and more.

Understanding Baby's Milestones

Understanding Baby’s Milestones in the First Year

Become familiar with baby milestones for physical, language, social, and emotional skills your baby should acquire in their first year.

A young toddler is sucking her thumb

Thumb-Sucking Child: The Pros, Cons & How to Stop It

Thumb sucking is instinctive for newborns. Learn about its possibly positive and negative effects on infants and young kids.

Cropped shot of a baby learning to walk on the bed at home

When Do Babies Start To Stand?

Here's everything you need to know about when and how your baby will learn to stand.

Portrait of a little smiling baby boy and his mom, kissing his tiny feet right after waking up in his nursery

3-Month-Old Baby: Feeding, Sleep, and Milestones by Month

Discover what 3-month-old milestones your baby should be reaching and what their feeding and sleeping schedule should look like.

Close-up of a loving moment between mother and daughter, holding hands with a cute newborn baby girl.

2-Month-Old Baby: Feeding, Sleep, and Milestones by Month

Learn about 2-month-old milestones your newborn baby will achieve, how much they should eat and sleep, and activities you can do with them.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

Learn about infant sleep recommendations and a baby sleep schedule that can work for your family.

Mom holding baby that is looking at you.

How Your Baby’s Vision Works

Learn the vision development milestones for your newborn's eyes. Explore your baby's vision and recognize the joy of that first look.

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How To Keep Your Baby’s Items Within Reach and Off the Floor With Busy Baby

Busy Baby features a line of convenient, forward-thinking items, from silicone suction placemats to tether straps for toys and beyond. Here's our full review!

Cute Little Baby Boy Smiling To Camera Standing Near Couch In Living Room At Home. Happy Toddler Having Fun Alone. Childhood, Child Care And Parenthood Concept

When Do Babies Start Pulling Up?

Learn what to expect when babies start pulling up, what else to know about this unique milestone and how to navigate this development.

A mother holding child baby on the living room. The baby is sick crying and coughing.

Can You Give an Infant Cough Medicine?

Learn why it's unsafe to give cough medicine to infants unless you've consulted with your doctor and how to help your baby with their cold.

Baby girl sitting in her Christmas dress with a big green bow on her head in front of a Christmas tree

25 Baby Girl Christmas Outfits You’ll Love

Check out our list of baby girl Christmas outfits like first Christmas outfits, baby Christmas pajamas and toddler Christmas dress options.

Safe Sleep: When Can Baby Sleep on his Tummy?

Should Babies Be Sleeping On Their Stomach?

Expert guidelines for safe sleep positions, including when it's safe for your baby to be sleeping on their stomachs.

Collage of Baby Boy Christmas Outfits

31 Baby Boy Christmas Outfits That Are Just Too Cute

Find inspiration for your new baby boy's Christmas outfit from our list of sweats, sweaters, three-piece suits, and, of course, PJs.

My First Thanksgiving Romper/Gown

Baby’s First Thanksgiving: 26 Items for a Memorable Holiday

Check out our list of must-haves for baby’s first Thanksgiving, from rompers and pant sets to headbands and pajamas.

Close-up of newborn baby girl with pierced ear

Getting Baby’s Ears Pierced: Things to Consider

Learn how timing, health, and safety are pivotal in ensuring a smooth experience when you decide on when you get your baby's ears pierced.

Cute baby girl looking at her grandmother while laying on the bed with her mother

Bedtime Routine Tips To Help Baby Fall Asleep With Others Besides Mom

Say goodnight with the perfect bedtime routine and learn to make memorable moments with your baby, from playful baths to enchanting stories.

Image of an Asian Chinese mother apply body lotion for her baby after bathing. Woman taking care of her baby boy after taking a bath.

Bonding With Your Baby in 8 Easy, No-Pressure Ways

We share the importance of bonding with your baby, plus our advice on an effective and natural way to go about it.

A baby sitting on his mother's lap. She is feeling his forehead with one hand and holding a thermometer in another checking his temperature.

How To Take a Baby’s Temperature

Learn how to take your baby's temperature accurately and quickly. Our guide includes steps, tips, and a temperature range.

African Newborn baby one-month-old holding fingers mother's hand, sleep relax worry-free in warm embrace mom. image with a shallow depth of field, Select focus area hand. concept family mixed race.

Why Do People Want To Smell My Baby?

With a unique scent known to both soothe and spark memories, discover the science behind the new baby smell.

Cute baby child eating food, sitting on high chair.

When Can Babies Eat Eggs for the First Time?

Children should be exposed to allergens early. Discover when babies can eat eggs and when you can introduce eggs to your baby.