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Healthier Postpartum Hair with Viviscal

If you've experienced postpartum hair loss, here are tips on what to do to help you have healthier postpartum hair inside and out.

Young woman pointing at a pack of pills while surrounded by hands holding different forms of hormonal and non-hormonal contraception. Modern young woman making choices about her reproductive health.

Postpartum Birth Control: Contraception After a Baby

Learn about postpartum birth control, why you might use it, and how it can affect your breastfeeding experience.

Top view of an unrecognizazble physiotherapist checking diastasis recti on belly of postpartum woman.

Diastasis Recti: What It Is, What It Means, and How To Fix It

Discover what diastasis recti is, why it happens, and how you can prevent and treat abdominal separation during pregnancy.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Perineum Postpartum

Proper Perineal Care Postpartum

Learn about perineal tearing and its complications. Find out how to care for your perineum at home with helpful products to have on hand.

Stressed mother and her baby.

Postpartum Rage: What You See and Don’t See

Learn the causes and symptoms of postpartum rage and how to help manage and treat this common (and temporary) experience.

Young mother with baby sitting in bed while baby is supported by a nursing pillow.

Benefits of a Nursing Pillow: What You Should Know

Learn the benefits of a nursing pillow, how it helps get your baby into an ideal breastfeeding position, and what to consider when buying one.

Mother bonding time with her baby boy at home

30 Relatable and Hysterical Truths about the Postpartum Period

A mom shares some surprising and relatable truths about the postpartum period to laugh about and share with others.

Mother holding her brand new baby girl in a hospital delivery room. Taken right after giving birth.

Postpartum Care and 12 Things NOT to Do After Giving Birth

Learn 12 things not to do after giving birth, like when it's okay to drive and take a bath, as well as when to get back into the gym.

Doctor woman dressed in medical suit talking in office. Reception and consultation with a doctor.

Why Every Mother Needs To Know About Pelvic Floor Therapy

Discover how postpartum pelvic floor therapy can significantly improve your quality of life after birth.

Mother holding her baby boy sitting in a glider in the nursery room

20 Changes to Embrace Now That You’re a Mom

From financial priorities to your bladder, learn about 20 things that change in your life after you have a baby.


The Before Baby Relationship Checkup with Ellen Darling, PhD – Podcast Ep 118

Ellen talks about the Before Baby Relationship Checkup and how it helps ease the transition to parenthood & reduce perinatal mood disorders.

Ashley Greene Khoury holding her daughter. She is smiling at the camera.

Understanding Our Hormonal Health During Postpartum with Ashley Greene Khoury – Podcast Ep 117

Here we chat with Ashley Greene Khoury about motherhood, career, and how women can navigate their bodies & hormonal health postpartum!

Woman lying on a couch pampering her baby. Smiling mother talking and playing with her infant baby.

10 Postpartum Period Perks of Mom Life That I Miss

A mom shares 10 postpartum period perks she misses, such as getting to wear pajamas all day and having bigger boobs.

The female doctor sits and talks with the new mother while she recovers from childbirth.

Uterine Massage: What New Moms Need To Know

We explain how uterine massage after birth helps with uterine involution, plus how a fundal massage can help with recovery.

A middle aged mother sitting on her couch holds her baby in her arm with a tired and stressed expression.

I Was Not In Love With My Baby Right Away

Parenthood can be full of joy, but what if it's not love at first sight? Learn how to cope with not being in love with your baby immediately.

How to Care for Your C-Section Scar for Healthy Healing

A C-section leaves behind an incision that reminds you of your little miracle. Get advice on caring for and looking after your scar.


The Connection Between Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding – Podcast Ep 114

In this episode, Stef and Anne talk about all things postpartum, including the connection between postpartum depression and breastfeeding.

Mother looking down at her baby for the first time. She is laying in hospital bed and baby is wrapped up in a blanket in her arms.

Postpartum Shaking: What You Need To Know

Learn about postpartum shaking, understand why it happens, and what can be done with the help of labor nurses.

Happy family having newborn, enjoying new life together

Why I Refused Visitors After My Baby Was Born

One mom says she absolutely did the right thing for herself and her baby when she refused visitors in the early days.

Happy woman meeting her new granddaughter in hospital

When To Let People Visit Your Newborn

Recognize that it's your choice when to let people visit your newborn. Here's what to consider when deciding what works best for you.

Loving mother kissing her infant baby

Strategies for Thriving & Embracing the Journey of Motherhood with Becky Vieira – Podcast Ep 113

Becky Vieira, aka @WittyOtter, shares the real scoop on the first year of motherhood as well as her tips on how to thrive as a new mom.

Kaley Cuoco mommy wrist pictures

Kaley Cuoco Updates Fans on Painful “Mommy Wrist” Condition

Kaley Cuoco revealed she’s suffering from “mommy wrist,” a painful form of tendonitis. Here's what you need to know about this condition.

Young woman put cream on her belly full of stretch marks after pregnancy. Close up view.

What a Post-Pregnancy Tummy Really Looks Like

From being stretched to post-pregnancy pain, get the strategies to cope and recover with your post-pregnancy tummy.

Dr. Marcy sitting at her desk

Pelvic Floor Health with Dr. Marcy: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Podcast Ep 112

In this episode, Dr. March Crouch shares what all women need to know about pelvic floor health during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Nurse taking personal data from mother and talking to her. Mother holding newborn baby.

6 Things Your Postpartum Nurse Wants You to Know

Find out what your postpartum nurse wants you to know and how they'll keep you and your baby safe.

Shot of a young woman playing with her adorable baby on the bed at home

Postpartum Myths Every New Mother Should Ignore

Navigate the postpartum transition with facts that debunk false postpartum myths. Get tips to ease your journey as a new mom.

The Motif Aura breast pump on a wooden background with a smart phone showing the Motif app and a woman's hand pressing the app.

Motif Aura Breast Pump Ideal for the Busy Mom

If you’re a pumping mom who wants to simplify your daily grind, you’ll want to check out the Motif Aura Breast Pump.

Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem. Alarm clock with time.

Tips for Managing Postpartum Insomnia

Postpartum insomnia can be a tough challenge. Discover the causes of this condition and ways you can combat it.

new born baby at hospital with mother

Understanding Postpartum Hemorrhage and How To Recover

Learn what postpartum hemorrhage is and its causes, prevention, treatment, recovery, and what to do about it.

sleepy and exhausted mother trying to breastfeed her baby girl, photo taken indoors.

Surviving the Triple Feeding: Nurse, Pump, Bottle-Feed, Repeat

Arm yourself with knowledge about triple feeding. Learn the differences, tips, and how to achieve better nursing results.