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Mother with her newborn baby girl in the hospital.

25 Birth Affirmations To Help You Through Your Labor

Here are some benefits of birth affirmations, how to use them effectively, and 25 birth affirmations to try.

Premature newborn baby girl in the hospital incubator after c-section in 33 week

Preterm Birth: What Is It and What Are the Risks?

Learn about preterm birth and what can cause it, the unexpected experience of premature labor, and premature babies.

A new Mother holds her infant to her chest as they bond skin-to-skin in the comfort of their own home. The baby is wearing a diaper and both have their eyes closed as they rest peacefully.

What is Orgasmic Birth? The Best-Kept Birth Secret – Podcast Ep 121

In this episode, we chat with Debra about orgasmic birth and tips and secrets to create more love and intimacy in both birth and parenting.

Profile view of a multiracial woman wearing a hospital gown standing in her hospital room while affectionately holding and lovingly admiring her newborn baby as he sleeps.

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Labor Experience

A nurse midwife shares things about the labor experience that women wish they knew, like what pushing is like and different labor positions.

Vocal Toning in Labor: Why Do Women Moan in Childbirth?

Discover how vocal toning and breathing techniques can help induce calm, ease anxiety, distract from pain, and prove beneficial in labor.

Woman in labour on a yoga ball in the hospital

Hospital Items You Can Use in Labor That You Didn’t Know About

Discover some common hospital items that can help with labor coping, pushing during labor, and other useful tools to help you through.

A beautiful multiracial pregnant woman rests agains pillows on a hospital bed in the delivery room and does breathing exercises during labor contractions.

Breathing Techniques for Labor and How They Help

Learn how breathing techniques for labor are helpful for getting through contractions and coming out on the other side with your new baby.

A pretty Eurasian woman who is in labor lies in a hospital bed and smiles as her mother affectionately rests her hand on her pregnant belly.

30 Relatable and Hysterical Truths about Labor & Delivery

One mom shares 30 fun facts and truths about labor and delivery to laugh about and that you can share with others.

How Counter Pressure During Labor Can Help

Discover how counter pressure during labor can reduce your pain and anxiety and the two main types that you may find helpful.

Pregnant woman lying down in a hospital bed and talking to a doctor.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse: Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

Learn what an umbilical cord prolapse is, what can cause a prolapsed cord, and your medical staff will manage the emergency.

A pregnant woman lies in her bed in the delivery room, griping the handrail while trying to breathe through labor and contraction pains

Foley Bulb Induction for Labor: What to Expect

Understand why your doctor might recommend a Foley bulb induction and what it can do to help your labor start.

Obstetrical forceps on a hospital table

Forceps Delivery: What To Know

Find out all you need to know about forceps delivery - from why it may be necessary during labor to different types of forceps.

Placental Abruption: What You Need To Know

Learn what a placental abruption is, what can cause it, what signs to watch for and what the complications for you and your baby are.

Young Pregnant woman getting ready for Natural Childbirth while lying in her hospital bed

Cytotec for Labor Induction: What You Need to Know

Understand the risks and benefits of using Cytotec for labor induction, as well as the options available and how to advocate for yourself.

Dr. Marcy sitting at her desk

Pelvic Floor Health with Dr. Marcy: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Podcast Ep 112

In this episode, Dr. March Crouch shares what all women need to know about pelvic floor health during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Pregnant woman lies back while getting a foot massage from a masseuse.

How To Use Acupressure During Labor

Discover how acupressure during labor could help you avoid the use of pain medications to get you through the labor pains.

en caul birth photo

What Is An En Caul Birth?

Discover what an en caul birth is, how often it occurs, and the benefits and risks associated with an en caul birth.

Moments after this first time mom gives birth to a baby girl, this image was captured of the two of them bonding as mother and baby.

Vacuum Birth: What You Need to Know

Understand what a vacuum birth is, why it might be used, some benefits and risks of the procedure, and recovery.

Hilary Duff in a birthing poll holding her newborn and showing her family after giving birth.

15 Celebrities Who Had Home Births

Every woman deserves support in whatever way they choose for their birthing journey. Here are 15 celebrities who had successful home births.

A sick woman patient in bed at the hospital suffering from pain. Contractions and childbirth.

Degrees of Perineal Tearing in Childbirth

Here's what pregnant women need to know about perineal tears during vaginal births.

Woman giving birth with husband holds her hand in support and obstetricians assisting. Back view of medical staff in protective uniform helping pregnant woman in labor

Shoulder Dystocia: What It Is and What You Can Do

Shoulder dystocia is a rare emergency with long-term effects. Learn more about this complication and what to do if it happens.

Man hands touching pregnant woman belly. Lying down on bed. Breech baby. Problems in pregnancy time.

Guide to Breech Baby Delivery Options

Worried about having a breech baby? You still have options for delivery, and your baby may flip in the end.

Pregnant woman eating bread, milk, fruits and vegetables, from relatives to visit.

Why Can’t You Eat During Labor?

Traditional medical practice has been to restrict eating and drinking during labor. Learn why, and what the latest research says about it.

A mother in the delivery room waiting for her baby to be born.

Chorioamnionitis: What Pregnant People Need to Know

Need to know the risks of leaking fluid during pregnancy? Learn what chorioamnionitis is and how to identify its symptoms.

Pregnant woman sitting on a birthing ball in her living room.

How to Use a Birthing Ball

Learn how a birthing ball can help with balance, promote relaxation, and help get the baby into your pelvis correctly.

Childbirth and labor. A pregnant woman in the hospital having contractions and tests. External monitors are wrapped around her pregnant belly to monitor her contractions and her baby's heart rate.

What Is Early Fetal Heart Rate Deceleration? (And Why It’s a Good Thing!)

Fetal heart rate decelerations can be good - learn more about them and other common terms used during labor.

Anesthesiologist installing an epidural catheter for a patient

10 Epidural Myths and Facts: What You Should Know

Ease the delivery pain with the epidural intervention. Discover epidural facts and myths so you can make an informed decision.

Mother holding her new baby on her chest after a water birth. She is sitting in the tub with her eyes closed.

Water Birth: Benefits, Risks, and What You Need To Know

Discover the benefits and risks of water birth, where you can have one, how to improve your chances of having a water birth, and more.

Baby being born via Cesarean Section coming out

Emergency C-Sections: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

After her long labor, one woman managed to avoid an emergency C-section. Learn how and what to do - from her personal experience.