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15 Third Trimester Must-Haves

15 Third Trimester Must-Haves for Your Pregnancy

Here's what every woman should have to help her experience the best and most enjoyable third trimester.

5 Ways to Soothe Heartburn During Pregnancy

How To Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

Learn what causes heartburn during pregnancy, and what you can do to ease the discomfort.

How to Reduce Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

7 Tips To Reduce Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Pelvic pain during pregnancy is a common discomfort. If you're experiencing this side effect, we have seven tips for reducing the pain.

What is Linea Nigra? Will it Ever Go Away?

What Is Linea Nigra? Will It Ever Go Away?

Learn when linea nigra, or the pregnancy line, appears, what causes it, and when you can expect it to go away.

A pregnant woman in the hospital having contractions. Pregnancy cardiogram, fetal heartbeat.

Pre-Eclampsia & Other Pregnancy Complications: What Women Need to Know – Podcast Ep 127

Dr. Alison Cowan shares the facts behind common pregnancy complications and how women can advocate for themselves during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman getting acupuncture treatment

Can You Get Acupuncture During Pregnancy?

Discover the benefits and risks of acupuncture during pregnancy. Learn how it can be used to help relieve common pregnancy discomforts.

7 Tips and Tricks for Battling Pregnancy Fatigue

8 Tips for Battling Pregnancy Fatigue

Pregnancy fatigue is an overwhelming sense of tiredness in the first and third trimesters. Find out its causes and tips to increase energy.

10 Second Trimester Must-Haves for Your Pregnancy

An expert shares her must-haves for the second trimester of pregnancy, plus other items and activities that can be beneficial.

Pregnant woman in a dark rook laying in bed suffering from insomnia.

Tips and Tricks for Battling Pregnancy Insomnia

Many pregnancies are impacted by sleep difficulties and insomnia. Learn key tips on how to cope with pregnancy insomnia.

5 Ways to Reduce Swollen Feet When Pregnant

9 Ways To Reduce Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Learn the causes of swollen feet during pregnancy and explore nine ways to reduce this common but uncomfortable pregnancy symptom.

woman holding her stomach. she's suffering from pregnancy constipation

Pregnancy Constipation: Causes, Tips, and Relief

Discover how common pregnancy constipation is, what causes constipation during pregnancy and how you can treat and prevent it.

4 Pregnancy Myths You Shouldn't Worry About

14 Pregnancy Myths To Be Aware Of

Learn about 14 common myths associated with pregnancy, ranging from minor to more serious misconceptions.

Pregnant woman showing ultrasound of her twins.

3 Signs You Might Be Having Twins or Multiples

Learn three signs that you may be carrying more than one baby and the differences between a single and multiples pregnancy.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy: The Dos and Don’ts

Discover the benefits and safety tips for exercising during pregnancy and what you must know when planning to work out when pregnant.

urinary incontinence during pregnancy. Abdominal pain during pregnancy. UTI during pregnancy.

UTI While Pregnant? How To Safely Treat It

Learn how the hormonal and physical changes of pregnancy can make you more susceptible to getting a UTI while pregnant.

Happy little girl holding announcement message with a text that new baby is coming soon after relocating with her parents into a new home. Her parents are in the background.

When To Announce Pregnancy: What To Consider

Learn what you should consider before you decide not only how to tell people you're pregnant, but when to tell them.

Toy blocks that spell Doula

What Is a Doula? What They Do and the Benefits of Having One

Hiring a doula during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum has many benefits. A doula answers the most common questions about doula care.

14 Must-Haves for Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

14 First Trimester Must-Haves for Your Pregnancy

You may be wondering if there are some essentials that you need during the first trimester. Here is my list of first trimester must-haves.

pregnant woman talking with her doctor.

Midwife vs. OBGYN: What’s the Difference and Who Should I Choose?

Discover differences between a midwife and an OBGYN, what each is trained for, how they can help you, and tips on deciding which to choose.

Personal perspective of Asian pregnant woman sitting on bed side at home, taking medicines in hand with a glass of water. Essential vitamins and supplements are vital for the healthy growth and development of the unborn baby

Iodine In Pregnancy

Understand what iodine is, its significance and recommended intake in pregnancy, and iodine-rich food sources.

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Get the answers about typical weight gain during pregnancy, how fast you should gain it, and where the weight goes.

Understanding Pregnancy Skin Issues

10 Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Gain an understanding of 10 common skin changes during pregnancy, why they happen, and how to prevent or treat them.

closeup pregnant belly. Pregnant woman holding bottle of pills and prescription. Expectant mother reading leaflet before take a tablets. Third trimester. Pregnancy, healthcare, treatment concept

Pregnancy-Safe Medications: A Comprehensive List

Read a comprehensive list of safe medications to take during pregnancy. As always, check with your provider for your individual health.

A pregnant woman holding many snacks and food cravings around her baby belly.

Pregnancy Cravings: Tips and Tricks to Manage & What Women Need to Know – Podcast Ep 120

In this episode, Joni Davis talks about pregnancy cravings, how to control them, and what nutrients are needed for you and your growing baby!

Small pink shoes for unborn baby on belly of pregnant woman.

23 Signs You’re Having a Girl (Supposedly)

Learn about nearly two dozen supposed signs that you’re having a girl, like carrying high or having a faster heart rate when pregnant.

Doctor woman dressed in medical suit talking in office. Reception and consultation with a doctor.

Why Every Mother Needs To Know About Pelvic Floor Therapy

Discover how postpartum pelvic floor therapy can significantly improve your quality of life after birth.

Pregnant woman touching her belly

‘Geriatric Pregnancy’ Stigma: How Does It Affect Women?

Learn about the geriatric pregnancy stigma and how can we beat the idea that you're too old for children after your 20s.

Pregnant woman feeling pain while sitting at sofa in living room

12 Most Surprisingly Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Learn about 12 uncommon, surprising, and weird pregnancy symptoms you may encounter during your pregnancy.

Pregnant woman window shopping at jewelry store

The Best Shoes To Wear During Pregnancy

Your feet really take a beating when you're pregnant, but wearing the right shoes can help. Here are the best shoes to wear during pregnancy.

A pregnant constipated woman with bladder problems needing to pee, rushing to the bathroom.

Lightning Crotch: What It Is and Why It Sucks

Learn what you need to know about sudden pelvic pain during pregnancy, known as lightning crotch, and what causes it.